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Composite Treatment in Issaquah Washington

An overview

The term Dental Composite refers to the many varieties of synthetic resin used within dentistry for restorations and adhesive purposes. Initially introduced decades ago, the technology surrounding composites was vastly improved in the 1990s and 2000s – made stronger, more durable and capable for use in the improvement of posterior teeth. It is this non-invasive, clean and long lasting incarnation of composite technology that the Tiger Dentistry offers.

Advantages of Composite Treatment

There are many advantages to composite treatment, the primary one being aesthetics. Unlike traditional materials, modern composite resins can be issued in a range of shades allowing for seamless restoration of afflicted areas.

Further to this, composite fillings bond to teeth in a micro-mechanical manner – ensuring not only that the repair lasts for years, but the tooth itself is made stronger and healthier as a result of the process. Other advantages of this treatment include a low cost in comparison to crowns and its versatility in terms of the range of issues it can amend successfully.

Our composites

We utilize composite resins with low polymerization shrinkage and low coefficients of thermal shrinkage, allowing us to issue fast repairs to the very highest standard and in bulk when required. The trick to effective and long lasting composites is attention to the method itself. There’s an array of conditions that must be met and maintained during the process of applying the resin; for instance the tooth must be kept completely dry – which can be harder to achieve than it sounds!

Luckily, our team has many years’ experience in this highly common form of treatment. Our commitment to using only the very best materials, coupled with this experience, means we’re not only capable of providing this treatment – but consulting with our patients in order to formulate the best route towards their dental goals possible.

Take the first step

The first step towards possessing the teeth you long for is a no pressure consultation with one of our practitioners. We’re always happy to offer as much guidance as we can and provide more information about each of the procedures we offer.

Why put things off for a moment longer? Pick up the phone today and let’s talk about your smile.

Our Clients Say

We would and have referred them to family.
Dr. Lee’s office so very friendly and acknowledges you by name when you come in. They are a professional but fun group of people. My husband and I think this is by far the BEST dentist office we have ever been to. Dr Lee isn’t one of those dentists that look for something to charge you for during your visits. They get in and out of your mouth as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Dr. Lee and his staff are excellent

They start appointments on time and don’t keep you waiting. Dr. Lee is very personable, gentle and knowledgeable. I have been a patient since they opened and have never had a bad experience there.



Highly recommended

These guy’s are excellent.



I find the staff very professional and concerned about my dental health

They are also very knowledgeable about what needs to be done and they do it.