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Cerec Treatment in Issaquah Washington


A defining feature of modern dentistry

CEREC restorations allow for the provision of inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers all within the same appointment. This time-tested method has been subject to over 250 scientific studies all of which have yielded the same result: not only is it highly effective, but it’s extremely safe. Since being pioneered some three decades ago.

CEREC has been intrinsic in the dental reconstruction of over 30 million people worldwide – many of whom came to Tiger Dentistry for treatment!

CEREC is a computer aided design (CAD) method of repair common within dentistry since developed at the University of Zurich in the 1980s. Particularly attuned to single tooth restorative procedures (inlays, onlay, crowns and veneers), the primary benefit of CEREC is that it effectively condenses a range of formerly long and complicated procedures into a single appointment!

Complex technology, simple procedure

As with the majority of modern developments within orthodontics CEREC relies heavily on computer technology. As a result, CEREC has grown increasingly popular on the back of its accuracy and ability to provide patients not only with convenience – but comfort and long lasting durability. Our process can be broken down into five simple stages:

  1. Stage One: One of our qualified practitioners, assigned to you at consultation-stage, will use an intraoral camera to take a detailed photo of the afflicted tooth, carefully assessing the current condition and bite situation.
  2. Stage Two: Based on the images and information inputted, the CEREC software then creates a virtual mapping of the current situation – allowing the dentist to determine the scope and scale of repair needed.
  3. Stage Three: Our dentist will then use this virtual model to construct the repair piece needed to effectively correct the tooth. Once completed, the construction is passed digitally onwards to the milling machine.
  4. Stage Four: The milling machine is then set to work creating the repair piece. This stage is truly the time-saver; taking no more than 15 minutes, the machine uses color-matched ceramics to create the repair.
  5. Step Five: Our qualified, experienced and extremely friendly dentist is now free to add the finishing touches to the restoration: painting, polishing and glazing it ready for fitting. To complete the process, the piece is then permanently affixed to the tooth.

It’s as simple as that

CEREC is one of the most popular procedures offered at Tiger Dentistry. As a result of this, each of our doctors is greatly experienced and can offer the very best treatment there is.

If you’d like to discuss CEREC treatment for yourself, get in touch for a consultation today!

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We would and have referred them to family.
Dr. Lee’s office so very friendly and acknowledges you by name when you come in. They are a professional but fun group of people. My husband and I think this is by far the BEST dentist office we have ever been to. Dr Lee isn’t one of those dentists that look for something to charge you for during your visits. They get in and out of your mouth as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Dr. Lee and his staff are excellent

They start appointments on time and don’t keep you waiting. Dr. Lee is very personable, gentle and knowledgeable. I have been a patient since they opened and have never had a bad experience there.



Highly recommended

These guy’s are excellent.



I find the staff very professional and concerned about my dental health

They are also very knowledgeable about what needs to be done and they do it.